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One network to optimise your vision

The well-known market players Hochland Natec GmbH, Gold Peg International Pty Ltd and Natec USA LLC draw on many years of experience in high-quality machinery and plant engineering for the industrial food production sector. The innovative spirit, as well as the willingness to tailor the technology completely according to the customer’s needs and business goals, make the network a partner who provide more than just technical infrastructure. The innovative and customised machinery and plants are key factors in contributing to the value and development of the customers in the food production industry.

We joined forces for your success


Forming the network

In 2015 Natec and Gold Peg joined their experience and innovative spirit in the Natec Network. The cooperation from Natec and Gold Peg started after many years of competing for cooking solutions because both companies were serving same customers in different sides of their production lines. Soon a close partnership over all company levels had established. Within the same year Natec founded its own subsidiary within the USA

Safety and high productivity

There can be no compromises in the production of high quality food. The quality has to be right. Thanks to our proximity to the food industry we are familiar with all the requirements concerning quality and hygiene. Our connection to Hochland provides us with direct access to food technologists. In addition to food safety we place great value on production, staff and equipment safety when designing machinery and plants. Maintenance contracts and preventative servicing preempt downtimes. This is all reflected in the high productivity of the machinery and plants which are developed, built and looked after by our group. They deliver a quality of product which is consistent and reproducible. They work effectively and convincingly, thanks to their strong, consistent and reliable performance. Their above average high level of availability is impressive. In figures: An impressive rate of 95 percent overall equipment efficiency can be achieved. Functionality coupled with premium quality pays off.

We bridge the gap between people & technology

Smooth cooperation between people and technology is essential for your success in the food production sector. Our motto is: Technology serves people. We take up your goals, as well as the wishes and demands of your staff, and “translate“ them into suitable technical solutions. We accompany the assembly of machinery and plants, train your staff and, where there are problems, provide support by means of speedy trouble shooting and emergency repairs.

Working within the network

You’d like to create something really new, ideally within a team of highly motivated colleagues?