Natec Network at your service

We are available for our customers from all over the world under the name of “Natec Network direct”. Thanks to this new system, all inquiries concerning your services and remote maintenance then can be transmitted in a direct and straightforward way.

What is our aim?

We want to process your requests quickly and efficiently. Our network with its subsidiaries located in different time zones, work hand in hand to deliver a near uninterrupted service.

What do you get?

Natec Network direct connects you and your equipment with our network around the world. When you create a service request, it is processed by the Natec Network ticket system.

What do you need?

Requesting service support is easy. The operator or maintenance technician simply make contact with the Natec Network service via our core app.


Secured remote access

Customer controlled connection

Fast centralised service support

For a more detailed information, we've created a service brochure for you.
We care for your safety as well and provide you herewith a Data Processing Agreement.