Powerful technology for food production

Natec Australia was founded as Gold Peg International and we build world-leading industrial food machinery . We focus on the quality of the food produced, and on plant productivity. Natec Australia designs and manufactures industrial food equipment specialising in direct steam injection cooking and processing systems.

About Natec Australia


Roots in food technology and plant managing

Robert "Bob" Smith founded Gold Peg as a one-man operation in 1988 as an experienced mocha technologist and inventor of the RotaTherm® continuous stove. It wasn't long before Gold Peg was supplying RotaTherm® systems to food manufacturers around the world. To this day, the RotaTherm® continuous stove is the most sophisticated and technologically advanced direct steam injection continuous stove in the world.



In 2005, Gold Peg established a fully vertically integrated in-house manufacturing facility including design, machining, welding, polishing, assembly, programming, installation and commissioning by a team of expert engineers.


Joined the Natec Network

By the time Gold Peg became a member of the Natec Network in 2015, the company had already grown to 50 employees. The network is the powerful result of the merger of two complementary food technology companies: Gold Peg for cooking and processing, Hochland Natec for filling and forming. Gold Peg will also continue to associate itself with the network in name, and from July 2023 will be called Natec Australia Pty Ltd.

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