Cream cheese machines, production lines

Cream cheese machines, production lines

Natec makes the world's best cream cheese machines and production lines. Get the most pleasant fresh taste.

Our RotaTherm® continuous steam cooker can cook up to 17 tons an hour. Our MicraTherm R&D unit can cook 2-3 litres per batch. Our ShearTherm can cook 4x 600l batches per hour. The ShearTherm utilises M4E technology, which delivers the smoothest products.

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Ideal processing
for fresh products

Our Cream cheese machines deliver a pleasant taste: Fresh and diverse. People love to make dips, fillings or spreads out of cream cheese. We'll help you to create an efficient cream cheese production line.


  • Natural cream cheese
  • Cream cheese with herbs


Benefits with the Natec Network

 Special position

  • Your product is always in the foreground for us

 Our knowledge

  • We employ food technologists with strong recipe experience


The difference

  • You can test your products at our facilities

Product diversity

  • We offer you a wide range of products

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