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Pasta filata, string cheese, mozzarella machines

Natec builds world-leading pasta filata, string cheese and mozzarella machines. Our systems are the superior way of processing sensitive ingredients, and getting stretch into your cheese.

Our GPiCS is a continuous cooking machine specifically designed for pasta filata, string cheese and mozzarella. The C&S in GPiCS stand for Cooking & Stretching. It can cook & stretch up to 6,000kg/h for 30 hours in a row between CIP cleans, and it creates no bath cook water!

Our RotaTherm® can cook 17 tons an hour of pasta filata, string cheese and mozzarella, and our FreeTherm batch cooker can cook up to 5x 500l batches each hour.

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Ideal processing
for sensitive products

Experience faster production with minimal loss when making mozzarella, string cheeses or other pasta filata varieties so you can focus on producing high quality food.


  • Natural mozzarella
  • Analogue mozzarella
  • String cheese
  • Other pasta filata varieties


Benefits with the Natec Network

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  • Your product is always in the foreground for us

 Our knowledge

  • We employ food technologists with strong recipe experience


The difference

  • You can test your products at our facilities

Product diversity

  • We offer you a wide range of products

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