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We deliver the perfect systems for the manufacturing of specialty food such as bakery cream or mayonnaise.

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Many food products like dairy desserts or egg products are notoriously difficult to process. We deliver the perfect systems for manufacturing whipped and foamed desserts, fromage frais, bakery cream, mascarpone, mayonnaise and many more dairy products as well as various egg preparations. All your specialty food products benefit from the appropriate set up to deliver end products accurately and consistently.


  • Whipped & foamed dairy desserts
  • Fromage frais
  • Bakery cream
  • Mayonnaise
  • Mascarpone
  • Dairy based sauces
  • Various egg preparations


Benefits with the Natec Network

Special position

  • Your product is always in the foreground for us

Our knowledge

  • We employ food technologists with strong recipe experience

The difference

  • You can test your products at our facilities

Product diversity

  • We offer you a wide range of products

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