R&D SCALE STEAM COOKER - Replicate RotaTherm settings in 2-3kg batches


Replicate the processing conditions of the RotaTherm® in a small batch style steam cooker for small volume R&D.

» Replicates RotaTherm® in 2-3kg batches.
» Easy adjustment via a touch screen.
» Pasteurise, UHT.

R&D scale steam cooker: MicraTherm


The Natec Network MicraTherm is designed to best replicate the processing conditions of the RotaTherm® continuous cooker in a batch manner, to both pasteurise and UHT levels. Using the same direct steam injectors and rotor principle as the RotaTherm®, it provides the opportunity to perform R&D over a wide range of products, viscosities and processing parameters in cooking cycles of two to three kilograms. PLC controlled with a touch screen and trending recorder the MicraTherm provides an excellent tool for product development for the RotaTherm® continuous cooking system.

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Food applications: SOS, Mozzarella, Puree, Sauce, Soup, Meat, Pet food


Heat process

  • Pasteurise and UHT capable

Direct steam injectors

  • Two Gold Peg direct steam injectors, Gold Peg rotors (high & low shear included)

Product bowl

  • Insulated product bowl with sample port

Steam management system

  • Steam management system to create culinary steam

Temperature probe

  • Pressure relief, temperature probe and safety system


  • Motor with variable speed drive

Touch screen

  • Touch screen with integrated PLC and chart recorder


For additional functions
or different execution

  • Vacuum cooling/de-aeration system
  • Indirect heating system
  • Boiler for steam generation
  • Further options on demand

Technical data

Machine data

  • LxWxH: 800 x 800 x 2,200 mm
    (31.5" x 31.5" x 86.6")

Capacity data

  • 2-3 litres of product Volume: 5 litres


  • Steam, air, water and power as required

Heating temperature

  • Up to 145°C (293°F)
  • Pasteurise, UHT, Aseptic

Control system

  • Screen / PLC integrated


  • Integrated CIP system


  • Construction materials meet all the requirements of the food industry