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Growing your business?

At Natec Network, we match our innovative food processing equipment to our customers' needs, so they are always at the forefront of food technology. We want to help you grow your business with our cutting-edge machinery, with the cooking systems designed and made in Melbourne, Australia.

Natec Network has a dedicated interest in innovation. Natec Network employs a global Research and Development team specifically to answer our customers' need for high quality, innovative and cost-saving equipment. This approach allows for new services and products to be perpetually released into the market.


Our innovative & diverse equipment

New and innovative approaches are employed for producing classic products such as processed cheese, mozzarella, mayonnaise, mashed potato and all types of sauces, including baby food.

With a complete suite of cooking equipment available for various food products, Natec Network offers over 30 customisable solutions to suit your demands for pasteurisation, UHT, high shear, batch and continuous cooking. Production capacity starts from 100 kg/h, right up to 10,000+ kg/h.

We manufacture more than ten batch cookers with a range of core function options that result in highly effective processing for batches from 1 kg to 600 kg. The highest of all functions delivers exceptional finished product quality – even homogenous products with particles.

Processing everyday products using Natec Network's food processing machines such as the RotaTherm, FreeTherm, ShearTherm or GPiCS cooker offer our customers consistently superior results. Another innovative product is our new M4E (magnet for emulsification) technology, a unique method for creating stable emulsions and lump-free powder dispersions.

NatecNetwork Magazin ShearTherm RotaTherm FreeTherm

Natec Network's innovative cooking range examples - ShearTherm, RotaTherm & FreeTherm

The "benchineering" approach

When developing a concept, Natec Network begins with the end product and considers the customer's style of operation and stage of business. We work together with companies to provide the ideal solution to their needs. The term "benchineering" is a combination of "bench breaking" and "engineering", which results in optimal manufacturing and customer service processes.

Local solutions for global needs

Natec Network continues to prove their capability to deliver innovative equipment and match the needs of food manufacturing companies worldwide, no matter the capacity or end product needs. Natec Network food processing equipment includes pioneering Australian-made technology with superior German quality. It's the best possible solution for your business.



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