The Natec Network Cheese Grinder provides a very fine grind delivering increased product surface area, coupled with high output capacity, low exit temperature and foreign matter protection.

Up to 12,000kg per hour (26,400lb/h).

MGX Cheese Grinder

MGX400 Cheese Grinder

The Natec Network Cheese Grinder is designed to increase the product surface area, coupled with high capacity output and foreign matter protection. The robust grinder has the following benefical features:

  • High output up to 12,000 kg/hr (26,400lb/hr)- to meet increased production rates
  • Particle size of 2.8mm - enables increased utilisation of the functional protein contained in your cheese raw material. Reduces the protein wasted in undissolved cheese solids
  • Ability to grind frozen cheese and butter 
  • No metal to metal surfaces
  • No cutting knife
  • Minimal temperature change

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High output

  • High output capacity to meet increased production rate / Up to 12,000kg/h (26,400lb/h)

Low exit temperature

  • Minimal product temperature change - increased productivity as a result of easy cleaning

Lower formulation cost through high surface area / Small particle size of 2.8 mm

  • Provides more exposure and increased utilisation of functional components (young cheese intact casein) which enables complete and consistent melting and protein hydration – emulsification during cooking

 Reduced risk of foreign matter

  • No metal-to-metal contact surfaces
  • No cutting knife
  • Foreign matter catcher



For additional functions
or different execution

  • Worm (screw) removal tool

Technical data

Machine data

  • Robust construction
  • CE standard
  • Inlet diversion plate


  • Grinders with lower capacities are available
  • Grinders can be supplied individually or as part of a processing line