Are you using world leading processed cheese technology?

NatecNetwork Application ProcessedCheese

  • Integrated, automated fully installed complete processed cheese line - done!
  • Streamlined, efficient IWS and SOS being produced day in and day out for hours on end.
  • Tonnes of ingredient being saved, minimal rework being produced, and consistent high-quality product being enjoyed by the service industry and end consumers alike.


Are you maximising the performance of your production line?

  • Benefits that can’t be ignored jump up and grab industrial processed cheese manufacturers.
  • Versatility and accurate control over the cooking process for each product.


What does it mean to you?

  • Lower ingredient costs
  • More consistent product – better performance from fillers, less waste
  • Centre-lining and producing on spec – more profit


They all add up for better ROI – in a matter of months

  • Accuracy and minimal waste from intelligent purposed designed forming and fillers.
  • Well-shaped product – more than square /rectangle!
  • Smooth production – highest efficiency, productivity, reliability
  • Minimised operation costs and wear & tear
  • Maximum pack off – accurate weight control, no trims, reduced waste

Fill your days with less trouble shooting activity as the automated line goes about the business of making high quality processed cheese.

Where are these lucky companies who made the winning choice?

  • Japan, America, New Zealand, UK ...all continents carry these winners.


It’s easy to become a winning company as complete IWS and SOS processed cheese lines are available from one network that will optimise your production.


NatecNetwork Magazin Leading processed cheese technology process line


Natec Network – one network to optimise your potential

The Natec Network is the joining of the location in Australia who design & manufacture leading edge cooking technology:


Natec GmbH in Germany who deliver innovative IWS and SOS processed cheese forming and filling equipment of the

    • FreePack for filling Individually Wrapped Slices (IWS) processed cheese

    • FreeSlice for forming Slice On Slice (SOS) processed cheese for service industries


Full service for you

The efficient innovative equipment from the Natec Network is not the beginning or the end of the story.  With the Natec Network, the service starts with working with you on optimising the potential and the outcome of your specific plant by drawing on the global knowledge of the team. Once the equipment is installed it is bedded down by a process referred to as “harmonising”.  Further down the timeline, after sales is provided by those who know you and your system intimately.

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Be one of the leading SOS and IWS producers in the world

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