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Producing processed cheese slices (SOS), cubes, shreds and sticks in highest quality at minimised costs.

FreeSlice 1500

FreeSlice® 1500

The Natec Network FreeSlice® system produces Slice-On-Slice (SOS) products. It is designed to produce Slice-On-Slice cheese as well as - with different applications - cubes, shreds and sticks made of processed cheese, analogue or hybrid cheese. An integrated laminar flow system makes safe and trouble-free production without any danger of recontamination possible. Furthermore, the integrated CIP system allows a very easy cleaning. The FreeSlice® system reduces the manpower required for operating and cleaning to a minimum and the vertical design of the belts guarantees high flexibility in slice thickness and formats.

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Food applications SOS, Sticks, Cubes


No recontamination

  • Laminar flow system to avoid recontamination


  • The system is fully CIP able including the laminar flow part


Full control

  • The central control surveillance system makes a comfortable and trouble-free production possible

Highest flexibility

  • Different add-ons make it highly flexible for any application made of processed cheese, analogue or hybrid cheese



For additional functions
or different execution

  • Oilspraying unit

  • Diagonal cut device

  • Reject unit

  • Further options on demand

Technical data

Machine data

  • LxWxH: 3,000 x 3,000 x 4,100 mm
    (118" x 118" x 159")
  • 400 V, 50 Hz, 3 phase / 46 kVA

Capacity data

  • 1,800 kg/h (4,000 lbs/h)
    = 2,100 slices/min
  • With slices of 14 g (0.5 oz) / 76 mm


  • Compressed air: 1 m³/h at 6 bar
  • Fresh water for cooling
  • Cooling: 120 kW / 307,100 BTU/h

Processable cheese

  • Processed cheese (SOS), analogue cheese, hybrid cheese

Width of cheese ribbon

  • Up to 1,1000 mm (43")

Standard thickness

  • Infinitely adjustable from
    1.5 mm - 12 mm (0.06" - 0.5")
  • Depending on final cheese temperature


  • Integrated CIP system


  • According to CE guidelines