» Cleans filters continuously as it operates
» Runs 48 to 120h non-stop between filter changes
» Boosts line & staff productivity substantially
» Significantly reduces rework
» Low operating costs, fast ROI



The Natec Network FreeFilter dramatically increases the efficiency of your production line. Many lines have filters that constantly need to be changed. This causes the line to stop frequently while filters are changed, and requires extra staff to change and clean the filters.

Our FreeFilter cleans itself while the line is running. A scraper clears any foreign particles and exits them from the line automatically on a regular basis.

In combination with the innovative Natec Network Rework Concept (separating machine) the system can hold back a large volume of foreign particles and also microplastic from IWS before the filling station.

Instead of hourly filter changeovers, FreeFilter can run 48 to 120 hours between filter changes, and those changes take only 3 to 5 minutes. The stand alone filters can be cleaned per customers CIP or manually and re-used.

FreeFilter significantly improves line and staff productivity.

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Food applications FreeFilter


  • Cleans filters as it operates
  • Runs 48 to 120 hours non-stop between filter changes
  • Runs 2 to 6 days between CIPs
  • Significantly boosts line and staff productivity
  • Saves mountains of rework
  • Low operating costs, fast ROI
  • No more filter socks – less waste
  • One basic frame/housing fits all filter sizes!
  • With Natec Network’s Separating Machine, in combination with the rework filter 50μ. Most microplastic will be held back in the filter before product is re-used as rework, so less microplastic in production filter!


  • Is regularly used with Natec Network’s Rework Concept (Separating Machine and FreeFilter 50μ)
  • Used in spreadable cheese, SOS and IWS lines with a continuous  RotaTherm® cooker
  • Stand alone system with its own PLC
  • CIP reversal system recommended to invert CIP flow direction for better cleaning result (one reversal system for multiple filters!)
  • Course angular filter recommended to protect inlet from big damaging parts


Technical data

Operating temperature

  • 78 to 95°C
    (172 to 203°F)

Filter inlets available

  • 200 or 400μ for spreadable cheese and IWS
  • 600 or 800μ for SOS
  • 50μ for rework
  • Others on request


  • CIP cleaning with an own CIP circuit
  • Or manual cleaning

Machine data & utilities

  • Voltage: 400 V, 50 Hz, 3 phase,
    6 KVA (different voltages available)
  • Drive: 0.25 kW
  • Compressed air: 6 bar
  • Max. pressure: 15 bar

Capacity data

  • Up to 3,000kg/h continuous process (higher capacity on request)


  • All products surfaces are AISI 316L (1.4404) stainless steel