Continuous naturalness in wet pet food

People love to treat their pets to the best, so the demand for quality pet food at a reasonable price continues to rise. A big challenge is to maintain consistency with large production volume while achieving shortest possible processing times – and to create a nutritious product at the same time. Valuable nutrients and proteins from meat, vegetables and  cereals ideally remain unchanged during processing so that the product can meet the high demands of animals and their owners.

The Natec Network offers innovative equipment making all this is possible. Together we create the processing ability to serve your exciting market efficiently and with continuous consistent quality.

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Our secret of best pet food

Many factors can jeopardize consistency and quality – both within a single batch and between batches. Slow ineffective heating causing inefficient use of ingredients, degradation and deviations in the product. In contrast to typical batch and retort cooking, our RotaTherm® rapidly heats the ingredients in a continuous cooking process and thus offers many advantages, like minimized waste, production breaks, utilities and cleaning chemicals. You benefit from more efficient, more productive and cost-effective manufacturing, your customer from a more nutritious and consistent product.

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Total versatility for best quality

Your recipes contain many different ingredients: Meat, fish, vegetables, grains, powders and by-products must be processed into all types of pet food products – each one with a unique consistency. Our versatile systems enable the optimal production of many applications like:

  • Rolls
  • Stews
  • Meat in gravy
  • Trays
  • Pouches
  • Cans and more

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Highest productivity in cooking

The Gold Peg RotaTherm® is a unique single stage continuous cooking system providing impressive productivity, flexibility, automation and control.
It delivers considerable benefits for your optimal wet pet food production such as:

  • Highest flexibility
  • High automation
  • Processing of large capacities
  • Short processing time
  • Low energy use
  • Saving waste and costs


Perfect synergy for pet food production

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Natec Network´s Unique Technical Performance (UTP)

The combined features of the Gold Peg RotaTherm® continuous cooking system offer optimal processing and thus unbeatable advantages for your pet food production.
Unique patents protect the maximum efficiency, productivity, reliability and sustainability. You benefit from minimised operating costs, minimal space requirements and rapid accurate processing. The consumer receives a safe, nutritious and high-quality wet pet food product.

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Technology for goodness

You produce high quality pet food. We support you with innovative, powerful technology and the right equipment. The RotaTherm® brings you a single stage continuous cooking technology heating the formulation quickly and evenly. It enables optimised processing of a complete range of ingredients, viscosities and compositions, which enables the production of various wet pet food products – maintaining the integrity of particulate ingredients up to 40 mm.

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Lapping up the non-stop goodness?

 Convince yourself of the possibilities the RotaTherm® and our service can offer you in pet food production.
Ask for a trial and test your products on our equipment, optimise your recipes or take part in operator trainings!

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