Sauce pasteuriser, sauce pasteurisation systems

The Natec Network builds a sauce pasteuriser - in fact it builds several types, and sauce pasteurisation systems of the highest standard. Many of the world's most famous sauces are made on Natec built machines and systems.

Sauce pasteurisation systems

Sauce pasteuriser pasteurisation systemsOur main sauce pasteuriser and sauce pasteurisation systems are:

  • RotaTherm® - The world's first and still leading continuous steam cooker, which can cook up to 17 tons (37,500lb) per hour (our smallest unit does up to 2 tons/h (4400lb)).
  • ShearTherm - An emulsifier and steam batch cooker that does fine particle foods at up to 2,400L (634gal) per hour (our smallest unit does up to 600L/h (159 gal)).
  • FreeTherm - A multifunctional steam batch cooker that blends and cooks up to 4x 500kg (4x 1100lb) batches per hour (our smallest unit does up to 4x 50kg (4x 110lb) batches/h).
  • MicraTherm - An R&D scale steam batch cooker that replicates a RotaTherm's settings in 2-3kg (4-7lb) batches.

We make the cookers above and build full sauce production lines.

Natec is famous for quality outputs and huge capacity. Our cookers use direct steam injection. Steam is the fastest way to cook, and is absolutely ideal for sauce production. Ingredients are pumped through a tube where a rotor / auger blends the ingredients as they pass by a number of steam injectors. The injectors fire steam at the moving ingredients, providing the heat to cook and moisture very quickly. The fast impact means that nutrients and colours are retained incredibly better than with other slower, dryer cooking methods.

For sauces this is ideal. Our technology provides moisture, mixing and heat at temperatures for pasteurisation, UHT and aseptic.

Which sauce pasteuriser?

You might be best to contact us about which sauce pasteuriser will suit best, but here are some key considerations...

  • Temperature: All of our cookers can go to UHT and pasteurisation temperatures. Our RotaTherm® and MicraTherm can reach even higher temperatures if required (up to 145°C (293°F)).
  • Volume &/or speed: RotaTherm® can cook up to 17 tons per hour for 156 hours between fast CIP cleans. There are versions that do up to 2 tons. Our batch cookers do smaller volumes, but those volumes can be large by batch cooking standards.
  • Smoothness: Each machine can be tuned to allow a huge range of particle sizes. However, for the smoothest and creamiest textures, ShearThermis king. It's M4E technology makes perfect dissolved blends and completely eliminates lumps. It is extraordinary for mayonnaise.
  • Efficiency: Our cookers are incredibly efficient.
  • Waste: Our processes are designed to minimise and usually completely eliminate throw-away / give-away.
  • Space: RotaTherm® has a tiny footprint because it is upright.
  • ROI: Because of our machines' efficiency and volumes, and their low-wear engineering, they generate a very high ROI, very quickly.

Contact us today to find out more about our sauce pasteurisers and sauce pasteurisation systems.

Sauce pasteuriser - sauce pasteurisation systems

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